Board of Directors
The UGPHOA has a 7-member board of directors who meet on the fourth  Tuesday of every month except in December.  The Annual Homeowners Meeting is held on the fourth Tuesday of February.  The Board of Directors are volunteers who are elected to their positions.  If you are interested in attending a board meeting, please contact lizm@houcomm.com for attendance information.  Meetings are held at Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library, 16616 Diana Lane, Houston Texas 77062 at 5:30.   
The Board of Directors has formed committees within the Homeowners’ Association to focus on areas within the community. These committees are the Architectural Review Committee (review and approve Home Improvement Applications), the Beautification Committee, and the Park Committee.  There are other committees that direct their attention of the maintenance and repairs of the infrastructure of the neighborhood:  Streetlights, Tennis Courts, Pools, Mailboxes, and Sidewalks.  Committee members are volunteers.   Homeowners are given the opportunity to sign up for serving on one or more of the committees at the Annual Meeting.
Associa is our management company.  If you have any questions please call the office at 832-864-1200 or email Liz at Lizm@houcomm.com. You can also use the "Contact Us" link on this website.  Associa does the deed violation ride during the third week of the month.  Deed violation protocol per individual violation: Monthly notification letters (The third violation letter is sent certified mail and the homeowner is responsible for that cost).  Those charges will be added to your annual assessment.  Avoid the cost of getting certified letters by contacting associa with a plan to resolve the violation after receiving a second letter.  Attn:  Your first deed violation notice will come in the form of a postcard with our logo (below) on the front.  This saves our homeowners money by cutting back on administrative fees and postage.
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BOARD MEETING MINUTES: (click on month)
January 2023
February 2022 approved Annual Meeting Minutes (approved and posted the following year).
February 2023 approved Annual Meeting Minutes (approved and posted the following year)
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