Our Board members have formed committees to better serve our neighborhood.  If you are interested in volunteering on one of our committees, please use the "contact us" link to let us know!  
The Beautification Committee works to identify and recommend beautification projects throughout the neighborhood common areas.  The focus includes short term and long-term planning that addresses implementation of the landscape, hardscape, irrigation and safety improvements.
University Green has a network of sidewalks that provide safe walking pathways throughout the green space and within the park.  The sidewalk committee works to identify, prioritize upgrades and to develop a long term plan to upgrade aging infrastructure.  With safety as a primary focus, the committee coordinates with the park and beautification committees to incorporate the park restoration project and irrigation and drainage concerns along the pathways.
For the safety and security of our neighborhood, we frequently drive our streets at night to make sure our streetlights are in working order.  If you see that a streetlight is out, please use the Contact Us link to report it.  All of our streetlights are numbered so please let us know by the number or nearest address.  Streetlights with a two-digit number belong to the HOA and it is our responsibility to fix them.  If there is a six-digit number on the streetlight, call 311 and report it to the City of Houston.  The city is responsible for the streetlights on our public streets.
Our pools are a great place to relax after a long day or play on the weekends!  We strive to keep them in tip top shape.  Each pool is cleaned and treated weekly by a professional service company.  To help facilitate this, our Holly Trail pool is closed on Tuesdays and our Abbeywood pool is closed on Wednesdays for cleaning and maintenance.  Our HOA team makes regular visits to the pools but if you find something not in good working order at one of the pools, please use the Contact Us link to report the issue.  Both pools are under camera surveillance 24/7.
We have four tennis courts at our park for your enjoyment.  The Tennis Court committee is dedicated to making sure the courts are clean and well lit.  Please do not rollerskate, rollerblade or skateboard on the courts.
The Park Committee works to develop and implement a plan to address the long term sustainability of the University Green Park.  The focus includes critical drainage improvement, reforestation of trees, ongoing maintenance of playground equipment, benches, signage, lighting and sidewalks.  We are also considering re-establishing a neighborhood park workday!  The park is under camera surveillance 24/7.
Due to recent changes with the USPS, the HOA is now responsible for the repair and replacement of all of our mailboxes.  If you see a mailbox in need of repairs, please use the Contact Us link to report the location. 
If you are new to the neighborhood, the Welcoming Committee has put together a Welcome Packet.  It's a great summary of everything you need to know about the neighborhood.  Use the "contact us" link to let us know if you would like to receive one!
The Social Committee puts together events for the community that brings homeowners together for a fun and relaxing time.  It's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors!