1. This bench was donated by Karen Gregory, Brenda DeCarrie, Ann Klinar, Jorja Lewis and Sarah and Jarret Quasny as a dedication to Elmer and Doodie Taylor for all of their hard work in making our Abbeywood greenspace beautiful. Thank you Elmer and Doodie! We appreciate all that you have done for our greenspace and your past and present service to our neighborhood.

2.  This bench was donated by Doug and Barbara Rusth in memory of their "Best Dogs Ever"!  Thank you Doug and Barbara for your contribution to our neighborhood.  It's hard to lose your pets and this is a beautiful memorial for you to remember them by.  Noodles has some big shoes to fill!!!
3.  This bench was donated by Georgia Fleener.  She has been known by her friends to use the phrase "This Too Shall Pass" and this year, she used it more than she wanted to.  Georgia was admitted in the hospital and suffered with Covid-19 only to come home and be readmitted for open heart surgery.  It's been a rough year but it "Passed" so "Take A Load Off" Georgia!! Thank you for your contribution  to our neighborhood.  It's good to have you home.
4.  This bench was donated by Otilia Magee.  Our beloved "Magee" passed away before the benches were placed in their locations so she didn't get to see it.  She frequently donated to people in need and when she heard about this opportunity, she didn't hesitate to donate.  She was a retired school teacher that enjoyed traveling the world, loved her cats, and enjoyed playing bridge.  She, at the age of 97, lived by herself without help up until she passed.  Rest In Peace "Magee" you were an amazing woman.  In case you were wondering where the birdbath came from....Her family donated it to Plumbwood Way!
5.  This bench was donated by the Stancher Family and sits in one of our favorite locations near Abbeywood pool.  Thank you Stancher Family for helping to make our neighborhood beautiful!
6.  This bench was donated by the Carrillo Family.  After losing two family members within two months of each other, the Carrillo family took this opportunity to memorialize their loved ones with their bench.  They love that it is near the pool where kids play and next to a lamp post so the light shines down on it at night.  In the family's words, "It gives rest to the tired and hope to the weary".  Both of them loved to dance and Lucy loved Sunflowers! We hope this provided your family with some comfort and a place to sit and reminisce.  Why is there a sunflower here?  This grew in the Carrillo's backyard after Lucy passed away.....they didn't plant it.